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How to find your manager

How to create your ref link

How to make your personal promocode

Where find banners

How to create a demo account

How to configure payment withdraw

each partner after registration receives

  • Personal account for work and personal manager;
  • Individual promocode;
  • Personal referral link (you can track multiple traffic sources);
  • Advertising banners and creatives with a personal promocode;
  • Demo account — as agreed with a personal manager;
  • Automatic payments every Tuesday;
  • Support for any issue related to the affiliate program.

One of the strengths of Melbet in comparison with other bookmaker companies is the comprehensive support of its partners.
How to find your manager and set everything up for work?


Managers always contact partners on their own after partner moderation, so it is important to enter correct contact information when registering.
Check your spam folder, there is a chance that a letter from the manager Melbet Affiliate program got there.

If you still haven’t received a letter from the us, write to the support:

«Good afternoon, I am your partner, my id is 68 **** (enter your partner ID or the mail you used to register), I need to contact my manager.»


how to create your referral links

At start LOG IN your personal account in Melbet affiliate program.

Firstly enter your account , secondly in the menu affiliate links and thirdly on the page click « generate link «
In order for your link to lead players directly to the player registration form, and not to the main page of the site, most importantly you must enter «/user/registration.php» in the « landing page » field (without quotes)

melbet affiliate program

Copy the generated link, paste it into the address bar of your browser and check how it works.
If you want to make your link shorter, you can use cutt.ly, bit.do, bit.ly or others.

This is a simple referral link with your tag. This is enough to get started.

There are many more different possibilities for working with links, read more here.

make your personal promocode

In order to create a personal promocode, you need to ask your Melbet agent manager by writing him what kind of promocode you want to create, In other words completely unique promocode created by you, not automatically (for example ALLCASINO , DEADPOOL , FOOTMAGIC etc.). At least 3 characters are allowed in English letters, numbers are also possible.

But keep in mind that the promocode can be used by another partner (promo code is tied to the partner for all) — After that the manager will tell you about it, then you need to come up with another promocode.

melbet affiliate program 2

what the promo code gives and how to use it can be read here

Get promo banners with your promocode

Any banners, gif, or videos with your promo code

To make promotional materials with your promocode, you need to ask your manager about it and our designers will do everything in a short time.
Similarly we have a telegram channel in which event banners are published for all social networks, you can independently insert your promocode on any graphic editor.

Advertising materials can be made in any language with any currency.

However, you can find stock banners in the personal account of the Melbet affiliate program in the « promo materials » section.

melbet affiliate program 3

to learn more about advertising banners, where to find them, how to download and use them, you can read here

create a demo account

We also provide some partners with a demo account. The demo account allows you to simulate the actions of a player (place bets on sports events) thereby creating content for your channels to attract players.

A demo account is issued only to active partners and is issued only by the decision of your manager.

payment withdraw how to configure

There are many ways and methods to get your earnings in the MELBET affiliate program.

In addition to the fact that in the program itself you can choose available payment methods for cards or online wallets skrill or neteller, and even cryptocurrency — we recommend using a more flexible and reliable method.

It is possible to make payments to the gaming partner account (i.e. this is a regular player’s account, which is used only for payments — you cannot place bets on it).

You receive payment to your account, and from there you withdraw your earnings to any available method for your country. There are more payment methods on a gaming account than in an affiliate program.

How to create a game account to pay your earnings?

Step 1. Create a new player account. Activate it by phone. Send your manager or customer support the ID of this account, they will set everything up for payment.

Step 2. Turn on two-factor authentication. (more details on how to do it). This will secure your account and open all available payment methods. Without 2fa, it is possible to link only 1 method to which you can make a withdrawal from your game account (and only to it). This method is also configured only by your manager.

After that, your earnings will be automatically paid every tuesday from the Melbet affiliate program to your gaming affiliate account.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 30 (upon reaching this amount, it will appear on the main page of your affiliate account as available for payment).

You can read more about the methods of paying out your earnings here.

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